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Climate Change Litigation: What Board Directors Need to Know

Climate change litigation is increasing, both in terms of the number of cases being brought and the routes which claimants are taking. Claims against governments can affect the policy and operating environment for companies, or result in delays or rejection of regulatory approvals. Litigation against companies is increasing, and claims are now being brought against directors and officers for their actions or perceived inaction on climate issues in their governance, disclosure and oversight of risk management and strategy.

The Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI) has partnered with the Climate Governance Initiative (CGI) to prepare this Quarterly Update for the CGI network. This is the first update of a series of quarterly learning materials on climate change as it relates to boards’ duties and governance.

The key trends in climate litigation and questions for boards is supported by a more detailed ‘Climate Litigation: Briefing Note for Boards‘ (15 minute read).